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Creating a space of trust and warmth, Henna Datta is intuitive and generous but also open-minded and direct: she is an exceptional soul who brings light and purpose to the practice of spiritual guidance. No one person can give you the answers to the questions you seek—for me, like many others, I am endeavouring to accept that is a journey for each of us, on our own. Meeting Henna, her extraordinary gift was her guidance in helping me to understand and recognise the questions I was, in fact, trying to obscure or ignore but needed to accept. I am writing this after reflecting on our time together and the deep awareness and profound healing that her counsel offered me and if you find yourself reading this then I would say that if you are feeling drawn towards her guidance then trust that instinct. Henna doesn’t mince words but she is an absolute joy and she has mastered the art of kind delivery, and, importantly, she has dedicated herself to helping others and she does that with true beauty and grace. Namaste.
— Alexandra, Sydney, Australia

An Aura Reading with Henna has been a terrific experience. She is uncannily accurate at scanning chakras, reading energy imbalances and pointing out their source in events and habits. She readily makes a connection and is honest but also has a compassionate and non-judgemental manner that is quite reassuring. She has a soothing & positive presence and her insights and suggestions have really helped me make positive changes in my life. The Tarot reading was equally insightful. What is striking about Henna as a reader is her refusal to resort to any melodramatic pronouncements about the future and instead, her willingness to work patiently with the querant to get a higher perspective on underlying patterns in situations. I have found her to be a gifted reader of great integrity. I wish her the very best!
— Mita, New Delhi, India

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