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How to raise your abundance vibration

What is abundance?
Abundance is a state of being.

It’s the dissolution of the illusion of lack: a reconnection with your inner infinity.

The nature of our universe is abundant.

Consider for a moment the plethora of plant species growing out of the fertile earth. There are flowers, fruits, vegetable, herbs, medicinal plants and more.

Contemplate the rivers and the streams nurturing the Earth. The oceans, glaciers, waterfalls, springs, brooks and bodies of water that flow in abundance.

Notice the cool winds, the balmy sea breeze and the air that you breathe that is always available in plenty.

How about the wide variety of animal species populating the planet; there is life not just on land but in the waters as well as the air.

If the universe was really built on the concept of lack,
why have such a vast quantities of varied creations?

Still not convinced? Telescope out beyond our planet into the sky and look at the stars, the planets, the galaxies. The magnitude of space is so humongous that we can barely wrap our brains around the fact of how big the universe truly is. According to data gathered by NASA’s Hubble Telescope, The Universe is expanding faster than expected.

If the universe is so vast and ever expanding then surely there’s plenty to go around for everyone.
So where does lack come into being?

Lack arises from fear.
Fear of not having enough.

Take a deep breath now…
Allow yourself to notice where this fear is creeping up in your life.

Where are you experiencing lack in your life?

Quickly fill in the blank: [Top 3 that flash immediately in your mind]
I desperately need _________________ in my life right now.

Now say the following 3 times: [preferably out loud]

I AM a spiritual being, a soul, experiencing life as a human.
My true nature is infinite.
Abundant Universe,
I surrender my needs to you
and I know that they’re already met with ease and love.
Thank you.

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